It’s been almost four months since I was sworn in as one of your State Board of Education representatives, and it has been a busy four months. There’s been so much to do and so much to learn. After 40+ years in the classroom, I’m accustomed to learning and adapting to the job at hand. I am truly treasuring my time on the State Board, and have been able to bring my passion and perspective to the Policy Committee, AQuESTT Student Success and Access Committee with special emphasis in Physical Education and the Arts, and to the Budget and Finance committee.

As the school year draws to a close, I want to reaffirm my commitment to listen and learn from all of my constituents. My campaign for quality public education for all children didn’t end with my election. In fact, it has only just begun.

In the interest of safeguarding our strong education system, I want more than ever to proactively communicate with you. As such, you can expect more posts from me on my Facebook page, as well as on my website. I am also keen to hear from you, so I invite you to share your comments and concerns with me through Facebook and the contact information on my website. As the weather grows nicer and my legs grow more restless, I will be going back out into the community, holding conversations and knocking on doors, hoping to hear directly from the students, parents, and teachers that I was elected to represent.

I look forward to continuing my advocacy for public education in the months and years ahead. My life’s passion has been helping all children reach their full potential – and I’m not about to stop now.