So many teachers deserve recognition and gratitude for serving and protecting our children and our future. For me, one National Teacher Appreciation Week does not suffice to celebrate all of the teachers I have worked with, have observed, or have been taught by.
If you want to see excellence in education go visit a Nebraska school. In the last 3 weeks I have gone to school, walked into classrooms unannounced and watched miracles happening. In Waverly, I saw a freshman present her Personal Learning Plan at the end of the year to her mentors. She mapped her strengths and weaknesses. She expressed future goals to 2 teachers who obviously admired, encouraged, and taught her. At Plattsmouth, they have created a school that is a campus full of opportunity to prepare their students for college or careers. Students have the opportunity to earn certificates as a CNA or Applicator or focus on Agriculture or Aeronautics. At Lincoln High, music classes range from orchestra, jazz band, band, world drumming, to musical theatre. Amazing! That is what Nebraska education, schools, teachers, and students are. Stop into the school nearest to you and watch miracles happen. They will be glad to see you and to show you.
Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week!