Patsy stands for Nebraska Public Schools.

Patsy stands for providing equitable educational opportunities for all students.

Patsy stands for establishing high expectations and rigor for all students.


Patsy stands for using the ACT as the standard measurement test and providing an ACT Preparation class for every secondary student.

Patsy stands for supporting the development of the Fine Arts Standards.

Patsy stands for being an advocate for strategies and interventions to address the issues of youth in poverty:

Nutrition, Health and Mental Health Care, Dentistry, Homelessness, Clothing, Transportation, Attendance, Mobility, Achievement Gap, and Attendance.

Patsy stands for providing a safe, inclusive environment for all students.


Patsy stands for eliminating unnecessary testing for all students.


Patsy stands for developing the AQuESTT for Nebraska schools as the means of accountability and assessment for school improvement.


Patsy stands for improving access to early childhood Educare and Early Childhood Education.