In honor of the ongoing National Teacher Appreciation Week, I’d like to take some time to appreciate the teachers who made a difference in my life while I was a student. Here’s a note about one-

Mr. Fred Koontz made me laugh. He commanded my attention. While I sat in his classroom, I knew I was a very extraordinary person, a person worthy of his attention. He believed in me, and he never faltered in that belief. Mr. Koontz was the kind of teacher who worried about you inside the classroom and outside of the classroom. He wanted to make sure you had rent money and food so you could learn. I would have never earned a college degree if he had not seen me for what I could be and helped me be that person. Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week, Fred Koontz. You made a difference in the lives of so many students. I am celebrating you and other teachers like you this week!

I know you all have similar stories of educators who have changed your life! Make sure to take some time to thank them during this National Teacher Appreciation Week!