Written by Mike Wortman.

Patsy Koch Johns has the life experiences and passion to be an important positive and articulate voice for Nebraska students. I believe she will bring a very important perspective to the State Board of Education. From her work in the classroom to her work with teachers in her department, from her community work with the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools to her work with state agencies that support public schools, and with her meeting in the White House with the President as Nebraska’s Teacher of the Year; Patsy has been the voice to explain what is good about our Nebraska students. She can very clearly share what these students deserve from their state because she has worked with the full range of students, from the needy to the gifted. She has collaborated with many, many state and national agencies and organizations to find resources that can make things happen. While working with her for twelve years as the principal of Lincoln High, I was never surprised when she would develop a new and exciting way to bring real learning to a group of students.

Patsy will bring a consistent student-centered message for those on the State Board of Education and for those in the Department. Patsy is known around the state of Nebraska in a wide variety of circles and when her name is mentioned, people who know her smile and know that she believes passionately in students. She believes the adults in Nebraska have an obligation to provide our students with the tools needed. This will allow future generations to have a great educational experience and be good citizens to use their full potential to make our state and world a better place.  This is why I endorse Patsy Koch Johns for the Nebraska State Board of Education.

Mike Wortman

Former Principal, Lincoln High School, Lincoln NE